The fifth batch of green manufacturing list in Fujian Province in 2022 has been released! Zhanhua Chemical is on the list!

Release Time:

In order to continue promoting the construction of a green manufacturing system, leading the high-quality development of industrial green in Fujian Province, and assisting Fujian Province in achieving industrial carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, the Department of Industry and Information Technology has organized the recommendation of the fifth batch of provincial green manufacturing lists. After enterprise application, preliminary review and recommendation by the industrial and information departments of each district and city, expert evaluation, soliciting opinions from relevant departments, and public announcement, the fifth batch of provincial-level green manufacturing list has been determined, including 113 green factories, 16 green supply chains, and 9 green parks.

Zhanhua Chemical meets the standards of the 'General Principles for the Evaluation of Green Factories' (GB/T36132-2018) and the 'Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Construction of a Green Manufacturing System' (Letter of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology [2016] No. 586) in terms of land intensification, production purification, waste resource utilization, and energy low-carbon. We are conscientiously implementing national industrial policies, adhering to green and low-carbon development, and continuously improving the green manufacturing system, Having played an important demonstration role, it was successfully listed on the list of the fifth batch of green manufacturing in Fujian Province in 2022 and was rated as a green factory.


With the development of China's economy, green environmental protection has become an important prerequisite for achieving sustainable development of the Chinese economy. As a large persulfate enterprise in China, Zhanhua Chemical has always adhered to the concept of 'energy conservation, emission reduction, safety and environmental protection' since its establishment in 2004, and has never stopped independent research and development and technological transformation in improving efficiency, improving the environment, energy conservation, emission reduction, and stabilizing quality. At the same time, with the goal of improving resource output and recycling efficiency, optimize the spatial layout of the persulfate park, carry out circular transformation of the park, and improve relevant energy-saving and emission reduction technologies and equipment.

After further optimization of energy structure, cascade utilization of energy, and innovation of process technology, the overall energy efficiency level of Zhanhua Chemical Park has significantly improved, carbon emission intensity has significantly decreased, and the ability to develop green and low-carbon has been significantly enhanced. It has taken a new step in building a low consumption, efficient, and sustainable environmental protection persulfate industry cluster.


This listing on the fifth batch of green manufacturing list in Fujian Province is an affirmation of Zhanhua Chemical's long-term commitment to energy conservation, consumption reduction, clean production, and green development. Green and low-carbon transformation is not only an important direction for industrial development, but also a necessary path for enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

Currently, promoting green development and promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and nature has become a consensus among all sectors of society. As a provincial-level high-tech enterprise, Zhanhua Chemical will continue to bear social and industry responsibilities in the future, increase investment in green environmental protection, fully leverage the demonstration role of green factories, vigorously promote the construction of green factories and smart chemical factories, drive the green transformation and upgrading of the persulfate industry, and make greater contributions to achieving the 'dual carbon' goal.

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