Zhanhua Chemical, as a single champion enterprise of Sodium persulfate, was invited to participate i
In 2023, the experience exchange meeting of manufacturing single champion enterprises was held, and Zhanhua Chemical, as a single champion enterprise of Sodium persulfate, was invited to participate i...
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The second batch of high-tech enterprise registration and public announcement list in 2022 has been
Recently, the second batch of 1989 high-tech enterprises recognized by Fujian Province in 2022 were listed for filing and public announcement, among which Zhanhua Chemical was listed.It is understood ...
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  Zhanhua Chemical provides high-quality Ammonium persulfate for oil exploitation fracturing fluid
As a non Renewable resource, oil reserves are very limited. In recent years, the global oil and gas industry has undergone significant changes, with major international oil companies continuously shri...
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Zhanhua Chemical focuses on product quality and promotes the steady development of the persulfate in
Persulfate, as a widely used chemical product, plays a very important role in industrial fields such as printed circuit boards, oil extraction, plastics, concrete manufacturing, and soil remediation.C...
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Zhanhua Chemical strives to shape a national brand of persulfate
Persulfate is a white crystalline powder. Its main products include Ammonium persulfate, Sodium persulfate and Potassium persulfate.Persulfate is widely used, such as as as an initiator for polymeriza...
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Zhanhua Chemical has reported another success! Selected for the list of entry and cultivation of Fuj
Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Fujian Province announced the list of 2021 provincial enterprise technology centers for storage and cultivation, and Zhanhua Chemical...
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Zhanhua Chemical Industry Sodium persulfate -- Contributing to the Soil Remediation Industry
China is the third largest country in the world in terms of land area, and its vast and fertile land has nurtured generations of Chinese children. Land not only provides daily necessities for people, ...
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Zhanhua Chemical was listed on the list of the third batch of specialized, refined, and new
What is a specialized and innovative 'little giant'?1. 'Specialization' refers to specialization and specialized technology.2. 'Precision' refers to the delicacy of products, the profoundness of proce...
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How Zhanhua Chemical Industry Goes Global in 18 Years of Development
In recent years, due to the continuous growth of demand in industries such as organic initiators, electronics, and textile printing and dyeing, the market demand for persulfate in China has grown at a...
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Zhanhua Chemical Industry - A Unique Industrial Persulfate Professional Park
Industrial persulfates (Ammonium persulfate, Potassium persulfate, Sodium persulfate) are widely used as initiators and oxidants in industrial processes such as polymerization initiation, electronic c...
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Exploring the Chinese Path to Building a World-Class Enterprise - The 2023 Manufacturing Industry Si
On May 24, the 2023 experience exchange meeting of manufacturing single champion enterprises was held in Jining City, Shandong Province. At this conference, while summarizing and promoting the success...
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The fifth batch of green manufacturing list in Fujian Province in 2022 has been released! Zhanhua Ch
In order to continue promoting the construction of a green manufacturing system, leading the high-quality development of industrial green in Fujian Province, and assisting Fujian Province in achieving...
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