Sodium persulfate used by Zhanhua Chemical to promote the recovery of Battery recycling for power of
In recent years, with increasingly mature manufacturing technology and performance, new energy vehicles have stood out in the fuel market competition with excellent quality. In addition, some cities i...
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Zhanhua Chemical Industry Sodium persulfate Contributes to the Soil Remediation Industry
China is the third largest country in the world in terms of land area, and its vast and fertile land has nurtured generations of Chinese children. Land not only provides daily necessities for people, ...
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Environmentally activated Sodium persulfate advanced oxidation environmental remediation technology
In recent years, chemical oxidation technology has become a popular option for the remediation of organic contaminated sites in China. Among them, activated Sodium persulfate, as a broad-spectrum adva...
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Determination of total nitrogen in water by ultraviolet spectrophotometry Basic Potassium persulfate
Abstract: Potassium chloride and ammonium sulfate can increase their solubility in water, but they are almost insoluble in saturated ammonium sulfate solution. The aqueous solution is neutral and has ...
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Digestion of basic Potassium persulfate by ultraviolet spectrophotometry
Abstract: The total nitrogen in water was determined by alkaline Potassium persulfate digestion ultraviolet spectrophotometry, and the factors affecting the results of the experiment were investigated...
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The list of national level manufacturing single event champions has been announced, and Zhanhua Chem
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and the China Federation of Industrial Economy issued the list of the seventh batch of single champion m...
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Inorganic Salt Industry
From December 8th to 9th, the China Inorganic Salt Industry Development Conference was held in Wuxi. More than 300 representatives from the chemical industry, enterprises, and government agencies,In r...
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