The list of national level manufacturing single event champions has been announced, and Zhanhua Chemical has been shortlisted! The champion list has been announced, and Zhanhua Chemical has been shortlisted!

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and the China Federation of Industrial Economy issued the list of the seventh batch of single champion manufacturers in the manufacturing industry. With 'Sodium persulfate', Fujian Zhanhua Chemical has become a new batch of individual champion products!


It is understood that the national manufacturing single champion includes two categories: single champion demonstration enterprises and single champion products. It is known as the 'pearl on the crown' of the manufacturing industry and is a typical representative of high-quality manufacturing enterprises. Selected enterprises must focus on certain specific segmented product markets in the manufacturing industry for a long time, with internationally leading production technology or processes, and a global market share of individual products and products.

According to the list, a total of 10 enterprises (products) in Fujian Province have become the new batch of national level individual champions, with Zhanhua Chemical ranked among them. It is worth noting that Zhanhua Chemical has previously significantly improved the overall energy efficiency level of the park, reduced carbon emission intensity, and enhanced green and low-carbon development capabilities through optimizing energy structure, cascade energy utilization, and innovative process technology. It was listed on the fifth batch of green manufacturing list in Fujian Province in 2022 and was awarded the title of green factory.


Fujian Zhanhua Chemical Co., Ltd. is a provincial key enterprise specializing in the production and operation of persulfate series products, and also one of the world's top single production enterprises. Zhanhua Chemical has created an autonomous, automated, and intelligent green ecological industrial chain by leveraging its advantages in independent research and development of core technologies, personalized services, talent and platform, and upstream and downstream industrial chain collaboration, forming a strong resource integration and service output capability.

The new batch of single champion product 'Sodium persulfate' is a white tasteless crystal or powder, which is decomposed by ethanol and has good stability at room temperature. It is mainly used as bleaching agent, oxidant, lotion polymerization accelerator, and is widely used in environmental remediation, metal treatment, textiles, cosmetics and other industries.


As an enterprise specializing in the production and operation of persulfate series products, Zhanhua Chemical has a 25 square meter professional persulfate production park. At present, the annual output of Ammonium persulfate is 50000 tons, Sodium persulfate is 40000 tons, and Potassium persulfate is 7000 tons. Its efficient production capacity and stable supply force, while meeting the domestic market demand, also widely exported to overseas markets, covering more than 20 countries around the world, and serving more than 500 customers around the world.

Cultivating individual champions in the manufacturing industry is one of the important contents in promoting high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. The successful selection of the national single champion in manufacturing industry is a recognition of Zhanhua Chemical's constant focus on the research, development and manufacturing of 'Sodium persulfate' products, and also a reflection of the enterprise's industrial position, independent innovation ability and other comprehensive strength.

Zhanhua Chemical stated that in the future, it will continue to focus on scientific research and quality improvement, continuously increase research and development investment, continuously enhance the core competitiveness and market influence of the enterprise, and create more value for the manufacturing industry.

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