Zhanhua Chemical provides high-quality Ammonium persulfate for oil exploitation fracturing fluid

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As a non Renewable resource, oil reserves are very limited. In recent years, the global oil and gas industry has undergone significant changes, with major international oil companies continuously shrinking their global exploration business scope and focusing more on core areas.

With the support of technological progress, the scale and strength of China's oil and gas industry have comprehensively improved, entering a new stage of development, and the oil and gas market economy system has been established. China is rich in oil and natural gas resources. In recent years, China's Oil reserves have remained stable and natural gas reserves have shown a steady growth trend.

Recently, China has also increased its exploration and development efforts, taking multiple measures to enhance its oil and gas supply capacity. In March 2020, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) announced the discovery of Kenli's 600 to 100 million ton oil field, which was the final large-scale commercial discovery in the region after 40 years of exploration. In September 2021, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) once again released the discovery of Kenli's 1-2 billion ton oil field, breaking the situation where shallow oil fields in the Bohai Oilfield depression have never been discovered with a billion ton lithologic oil field. This has important guiding significance for the exploration of similar basins.


As is well known, the development of oil is very difficult. Usually, when extracting oil, it is extracted through drilling and then refined. But in order to obtain crude oil from shale oil, it is necessary to extract it from shale fractures, which will result in very high development costs.

Fracturing technology is an important stimulation measure for the development of tight layers in oil fields, and fracturing fluid is a working fluid used for fracturing and transforming oil and gas layers. Its main function is to transmit the high pressure formed by surface equipment to the formation, causing the formation to fracture and form fractures, and transporting proppant along the fractures.

At present, Ammonium persulfate, as a gel breaker, is still the main product in the field of downhole reservoir fracturing additives. It can liquefy the gel within a certain time and be easy to discharge, reducing the damage of fracturing fluid to the reservoir. It is widely used because of its high cost performance and good effect. Some oil fields have begun to use Sodium persulfate to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and safety.

As an enterprise specializing in the production and operation of persulfate series products, Zhanhua Chemical currently has an annual output of 50000 tons of Ammonium persulfate, 40000 tons of Sodium persulfate and 7000 tons of Potassium persulfate. With its efficient production capacity and stable supply power, Zhanhua Chemical can deliver persulfate products of high purity, stable quality, safety and environmental protection that meet national standards.


Zhanhua Chemical has a professional persulfate production park covering an area of 25 square meters. It is a persulfate production and research and development enterprise that has passed strict inspection, legal compliance, and sustainable operation. It has also passed the ISO9001: 2015 system certification, and obtained the Quality Management System Certification. The production process is safe and environmentally friendly. It has realized effective and comprehensive recycling of resources to ensure short-term supply demand and stable production and supply throughout the year. While meeting the needs of the domestic market, it is also widely exported to overseas markets, covering over 20 countries worldwide and serving over 500 customers worldwide.


Since its establishment for nearly 20 years, Zhanhua Chemical has been committed to becoming a national brand of persulfate. In the future, Zhanhua Chemical will continue to maintain its original intention, shoulder the industry mission, and provide high-quality persulfate products for various industries!

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