Zhanhua Chemical focuses on product quality and promotes the steady development of the persulfate industry

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Persulfate, as a widely used chemical product, plays a very important role in industrial fields such as printed circuit boards, oil extraction, plastics, concrete manufacturing, and soil remediation.

China is the world's largest producer and user of persulfate, but surprisingly, due to various reasons, the application and production level of persulfate in the industrial field in China lags behind that of developed countries overseas, and even some enterprises' production process level remains in the 1980s.

To change the backward production of persulfate in China, we must start from the root cause. As a professional persulfate production enterprise, Zhanhua Chemical knows that product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise. Over the years, it has created a set of exclusive persulfate production and quality management system by introducing technology and independent research and development in parallel. Now it has a number of national patented technologies, and both the process level and product quality have reached the international professional level. It has revised the National Standard for Industrial Ammonium persulfate The National Standard for Industrial Sodium persulfate, the National Standard for Industrial Potassium persulfate, the National Standard for Persulfate Test and Analysis Methods, the Team Standard for Potassium persulfate by Potassium Hydroxide Method, and the Industrial Standard for Sodium persulfate for Soil Remediation have played a leading role in China's persulfate industry.


Since its establishment in 2004, Zhanhua Chemical has been focusing on the production of persulfate and has developed into a national level 'specialized, refined, and new small giant' and a national level 'high-tech enterprise'; Currently, with an annual production capacity of over 60000 tons of persulfate, it is a large-scale global persulfate production enterprise. The ongoing Phase III expansion project is a provincial-level key project in the 14th Five Year Plan of Fujian Province. After being put into operation, it will significantly increase the overall production capacity of the enterprise and further expand its leading advantage in the industry.

Persulfate belongs to Class 5.1 hazardous chemicals, and most products are prone to react with water and reducing substances, requiring special transportation and storage methods. Zhanhua Chemical has professional hazardous material storage and distribution centers in multiple parts of the country, using vehicles with hazardous material transportation qualifications for distribution throughout the entire process, providing customers with one-stop services for product sales, warehousing, transportation, and after-sales service. The persulfate products produced by Zhanhua comply with the highest national standards, and the packaging bags of the products are labeled with Zhanhua's exclusive anti-counterfeiting label, allowing customers to buy with peace of mind and use with peace of mind.



Time flies, time flies like a shuttle. Zhanhua Chemical has gone through a long development path of nearly 20 years since the first factory was established. In the future, Zhanhua Chemical will not forget its original intention, continue to shoulder the industry mission, step by step, continuously innovate and develop, and inject a continuous source of power into the development of the persulfate industry.

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