Zhanhua Chemical strives to shape a national brand of persulfate

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Persulfate is a white crystalline powder. Its main products include Ammonium persulfate, Sodium persulfate and Potassium persulfate.

Persulfate is widely used, such as as as an initiator for polymerization reactions. Persulfate is often used in structural materials such as plastics and rubber, concrete, coatings, and other industries; As an oxidant, persulfate is often used in cleaning, micro etching, electroplating processes, as well as soil remediation and water improvement; In addition, persulfate can also be used in the production of adhesives, natural gas and oil recovery, inks and pigments, mining, photography, pulp and paper making, and other fields.


Due to the continuous exploration of the use of persulfate in industries such as organic initiators, electronics, textile printing and dyeing, soil remediation, water improvement, and oil extraction in China in recent years, it is conservatively estimated that the demand for persulfate in the domestic market will grow at a rate of no less than 8% annually.

In fact, China has conducted early research on the production process of persulfate, but due to various reasons, the production and practical application of persulfate have fallen behind some overseas countries. In order to change this situation and better promote the development of China's persulfate industry, Zhanhua Chemical has always adhered to the path of combining imported technology and independent research and development, striving to create a national brand of persulfate.


With the continuous and in-depth development of clean production in China and the adjustment of the national energy consumption dual control policy, how to effectively solve the problems of high power consumption, low current efficiency, and high raw material consumption in the production process of persulfate will become the primary task for the future development of China's persulfate industry. Zhanhua has achieved good results through years of continuous investment in human and material resources.

With the continuous development of organic chemicals, electronic components, integrated circuits and other industries in the domestic downstream industry, the output of persulfate of Zhanhua Chemical has increased. At present, Zhanhua has an annual output of 50000 tons of Ammonium persulfate, 40000 tons of Sodium persulfate, and 7000 tons of Potassium persulfate. The persulfate phase III expansion project under construction is a provincial key project of Fujian's '13th Five Year Plan'. It is expected to be completed and put into production by the end of the 21st year, It will reach the production scale of 100000 tons of Ammonium persulfate, 70000 tons of Sodium persulfate and 12000 tons of Potassium persulfate every year. All production processes of Zhanhua strictly comply with national standards, and each packaging bag of domestic products has Zhanhua's unique anti-counterfeiting label, which facilitates customers to quickly identify the authenticity of products and create product brands.


In response to national policies, Zhanhua has continuously carried out process technology improvements and independent research and development in areas such as improving efficiency, improving the environment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and stabilizing quality. Zhanhua Chemical's products not only meet domestic market demand but also are widely exported to overseas markets, covering more than 20 countries worldwide and serving over 500 customers worldwide.

As a national level specialized and innovative 'little giant' enterprise with high-tech capabilities, Zhanhua Chemical always takes integrity as the foundation, professionalism as the driving force, and industry leaders as the mission. We strive to create a persulfate national brand and make the world fall in love with Made in China!

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