Zhanhua Chemical has reported another success! Selected for the list of entry and cultivation of Fujian Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

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Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Fujian Province announced the list of 2021 provincial enterprise technology centers for storage and cultivation, and Zhanhua Chemical was successfully selected for its excellent independent innovation ability!




It is understood that starting from 2020, Fujian Province will select a group of industrial and information technology enterprise technology centers with significant independent innovation achievements throughout the province every year, rolling forward the development of enterprise technology centers at the national, provincial, and municipal levels. Strive to cultivate over 1500 industrial and information technology enterprise technology centers by the end of 2025, and form a group of innovative leading enterprises with outstanding core technology capabilities and strong demonstration and driving effects.

In addition, the Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology will also allocate funds annually for segmented subsidies for enterprise research and development investment, rewards for newly recognized provincial enterprise technology centers, and support inbound enterprises in applying for provincial-level key technological innovation projects, quality benchmark projects, and provincial-level key new products; The Provincial Development and Reform Commission arranges funds to reward newly recognized national enterprise technology centers.

In the list of the first batch of provincial enterprise technology centers released in September 2020, Zhanhua Chemical has been successfully selected as one of the five enterprises selected by Sanming.



In July 2021, Zhanhua Chemical was also listed on the third batch of specialized, refined, and innovative 'Little Giant' enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, becoming a chemical enterprise with the characteristics of 'specialization, refinement, uniqueness, and novelty', always adhering to a professional development strategy, high technological content, perfect management system, and strong market competitiveness.



As a key enterprise in Fujian Province, Zhanhua Chemical has multiple patented technologies and a professional research and development team. Throughout its 18 year development process, Zhanhua Chemical has been constantly seeking innovation and has never stopped independent research and technological innovation in improving efficiency, improving the environment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and stabilizing quality. Adhere to the requirements of national standardized enterprises, produce according to the upper limit standards of the Chemical Research Institute, and have been unanimously recognized by downstream customer production units. Zhanhua Chemical also set up warehouses and convenient logistics services in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Jiangxi and other places to ensure a stable supply of products in a short time.

This time, it will become an important platform for Zhanhua Chemical to promote industrial technology innovation and enhance the technological innovation ability of enterprises by being selected for the provincial enterprise technology center's entry and cultivation list. At the same time, Zhanhua Chemical will deepen collaborative innovation between industry, academia, and research, strengthen talent cultivation and introduction, focus on improving product development capabilities, process design, achievement absorption and transformation capabilities, and strive to become a high growth enterprise with core key technologies.

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