Zhanhua Chemical Industry Sodium persulfate -- Contributing to the Soil Remediation Industry

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China is the third largest country in the world in terms of land area, and its vast and fertile land has nurtured generations of Chinese children. Land not only provides daily necessities for people, but also brings vitality to the development of various industries in China.

However, the rapid development of the Chinese economy has also had a significant impact on China's land. High intensity and off-season planting in agricultural production, as well as arbitrary dumping of waste in industrial production, have caused varying degrees of pollution to the land. As China's economy enters a sustainable development model, soil remediation has become an urgent issue that needs to be addressed.


At present, the remediation methods for soil contaminated by organic matter can be roughly divided into three methods: physical, chemical, and biological. The principle is to transfer, absorb, degrade, and transform organic pollutants in the soil, so that their concentration reaches the range that crops can grow, or directly convert pollutants into harmless substances. At present, Sodium persulfate is widely used as a remediation agent for organic pollution source soil in the world.

The activated Sodium persulfate has strong oxidizability and can quickly degrade most organic pollutants in the soil. Compared with Fenton's reagent (ferrous+hydrogen peroxide), potassium permanganate and other traditional oxidants, the activated Sodium persulfate has less damage to the organic matter of the soil itself and the indigenous microbial community, and can better maintain the original fertility of the soil; Compared with Fenton (ferrous+hydrogen peroxide) and potassium permanganate (easily manufactured and explosive products under public security supervision), Sodium persulfate is much safer and more convenient in storage and transportation.

As a new type of oxidant, activated Sodium persulfate has the advantages of high stability, high water solubility and no odor, and can have relatively strong oxidation capacity in a large pH range, which can adapt to most scenarios to degrade pollutants. Activated Sodium persulfate can be oxidized and degraded in the face of chlorinated organics, chlorine containing pesticides and difficult to degrade organics, so it has a wide range of applications and can effectively repair a variety of contaminated soils.

The use method of activated Sodium persulfate oxidant is also relatively simple. Just inject activated Sodium persulfate into the ground to remove harmful substances in the soil. Compared with other soil remediation methods, the use method of activated Sodium persulfate is relatively simple and the cost is low.


At present, the domestic market of soil remediation agents has a great prospect, but at the same time, the production and trade links are mixed, and the market is flooded with fake goods and genuine goods, which makes it difficult to distinguish high-quality Sodium persulfate from low-quality Sodium persulfate, and some products even have the problem of application risk. Moreover, Sodium persulfate oxidant with poor quality not only has poor soil remediation ability, but also has hidden dangers of secondary environmental pollution, affecting the progress of agricultural production and causing unnecessary economic losses. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, when choosing Sodium persulfate, we must choose a large-scale manufacturer. Fujian Zhanhua Chemical Co., Ltd. is the world's largest Sodium persulfate manufacturer.

Fujian Zhanhua Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Qingliu County, Sanming, which is rich in natural resources. It has the world's largest professional production park. At present, the annual production capacity of Sodium persulfate is up to more than 40000 tons. The persulfate phase III expansion project under construction is a provincial key project of the '13th Five Year Plan' of Fujian Province. It is expected to be put into production at the end of the 21st century. After putting into production, it will reach the production scale of 100000 tons of Sodium persulfate annually.

Fujian Zhanhua Chemical is a 'National High tech Enterprise', 'National Specialized and New Little Giant', 'Fujian Provincial Single Manufacturing Champion (National level is bidding)', 'International level Green Factory', 'National level Green Supply Chain' (bidding). It has a number of specialized technologies and professional research and development teams. At the same time, it is also an industrial Ammonium persulfate, Sodium persulfate, Potassium persulfate The national standard maker of persulfate assay and analysis method, the industrial standard maker of Sodium persulfate for soil remediation, and the group standard maker of Potassium persulfate for potassium hydroxide method.

Zhanhua has established warehouses and convenient logistics services in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Jiangxi and other places (the only one in the industry) to provide customers with more efficient and safe comprehensive after-sales services.

Nowadays, the domestic land restoration market is gradually entering a white-hot stage. Fujian Zhanhua Chemical will always take 'quality' as the benchmark, step by step, produce high-quality Sodium persulfate, contribute to the land repair market, and revitalize the damaged soil.

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