Zhanhua Chemical was listed on the list of the third batch of specialized, refined, and new 'Little Giant' enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

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What is a specialized and innovative 'little giant'?

1. 'Specialization' refers to specialization and specialized technology.

2. 'Precision' refers to the delicacy of products, the profoundness of process technology, and the refined management of enterprises.

3. 'Special' refers to the uniqueness and specialization of a product or service.

4. 'New' refers to independent innovation, model innovation, and novelty.

Specialized, refined, and innovative 'little giants' mainly refer to small enterprises that are still in the early stages of development and concentrated in the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, biopharmaceutical and other high-end industries. They have the characteristics of 'specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty', always adhere to a professional development strategy, generally have good business performance, high technological content, and advanced equipment and technology With a complete management system, strong market competitiveness, and great development potential and growth potential, it is a leading enterprise that focuses on segmented markets, has strong innovation ability, high market share, master key core technologies, and has excellent quality and efficiency.

So far, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released a list of three batches of specialized, refined, and new 'little giants' enterprises, with a total of 4922 enterprises listed nationwide. In the third batch of 2021, a total of 74 Fujian enterprises were listed, with Fujian Zhanhua Chemical Co., Ltd. being one of them.


As a key enterprise revitalization and technological transformation project in Fujian Province, after 18 years of development, Zhanhua Chemical has always adhered to the development concept of 'committed to becoming a leading enterprise in persulfate', fully utilizing a persulfate production base of 250000 square meters and an annual output of 80000 tons. All production processes strictly comply with national standards, and the products produced are high in purity, impurity free, stable, safe and environmentally friendly, We have the anti-counterfeiting label of Zhanhua brand persulfate Chinese packaging, and all undergo factory inspection and professional storage and transportation of Class 5.1 dangerous goods.


In addition to controlling the production process, Zhanhua has also trained high-quality professionals and collaborated with domestic universities for research and development. In terms of improving efficiency, improving the environment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and stabilizing quality, Zhanhua has continuously carried out technological innovation and independent research and development. Its products are widely used in various fields such as battery industry, soil remediation, and water treatment, and are recognized as national and provincial-level high-tech enterprises in Fujian.

The third batch of specialized, refined, and new 'Little Giants' enterprises on this list is recognition of Zhanhua Chemical's strength and innovation ability, as well as recognition of Zhanhua Chemical's product quality and development potential. Zhanhua will never forget its original intention, always focusing on the research and development and production of persulfate series products, continuously improving innovation capabilities, achieving more applications in different fields, striving to become a national brand of persulfate, and promoting the steady development of the chemical industry.

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