How Zhanhua Chemical Industry Goes Global in 18 Years of Development

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In recent years, due to the continuous growth of demand in industries such as organic initiators, electronics, and textile printing and dyeing, the market demand for persulfate in China has grown at a double-digit annual growth rate since 2008, with a scale of 821 million yuan. Until now, with the increasing use of persulfate in industries such as initiators, electronics, textile printing and dyeing, the scale of persulfate has more than doubled compared to 2008.

In 2004, Fujian Zhanhua Chemical Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity of persulfate industry development and was officially established in Qingliu County, Sanming, a city with outstanding people. In the past 20 years, we have been striving to build a sulfate national brand and become a key enterprise in Fujian Province. Zhanhua Chemical fully utilizes convenient transportation, abundant resources, and the natural and cultural environment of political harmony. It mainly produces and operates persulfate series products, and develops a one-stop service that integrates production, sales, warehousing, and transportation. Through continuous innovation and development, it has formed its own unique and rich corporate culture system.


In the past 20 years of deep cultivation in the industry, Fujian Zhanhua Chemical has established a testing brand that is based on integrity, combines character and technology, with a professional team, standardized management, and advanced equipment. With only 38 professional R&D personnel, the company has expanded its product business to over 20 countries worldwide, serving over 500 companies. It has won 20 awards including provincial key industry revitalization and technological transformation projects, provincial energy-saving projects, and is a provincial-level high-tech industry in Fujian.

At present, the annual output of the enterprise is 6 tons of Ammonium persulfate, 45000 tons of Sodium persulfate and 7000 tons of Potassium persulfate. And committed to becoming a deep cultivator in the persulfate industry, it is a highly specialized single production enterprise in Fujian Province!


Quality is the life of an enterprise, and quality is the weight to gain trust; quality awareness is in my heart, and quality awareness is in my hands! 'These words have always been regarded as famous aphorisms by Zhanhua. Selling reputation first and selling products later is the marketing philosophy of Zhanhua. Insufficient quality, why talk about reputation? At present, the company has six major product series, each with its own characteristics. However, all of them have obtained international certification or national standard certification. The products have high stability, safe and convenient use, and the quality is controlled by a professional research team, just to make consumers feel more at ease.

Honest management, people-oriented, and a professional research team have achieved the establishment of an exhibition brand. Since the beginning of enterprise entrepreneurship, great emphasis has been placed on the development of talents. The principle of 'prioritizing character' is the primary requirement for Zhanhua to recruit talents. It is integrated with the business philosophy of 'safety and environmental protection, continuous innovation, perfect service, and customer satisfaction', and has established a comprehensive human resource development and management system, laying a solid foundation for Zhanhua's development path.

The heavy snow presses against the green pine, which is straight and straight. In such an era of blooming flowers and competing schools of thought, Zhanhua has always been fearless of difficulties and full of vitality, facing social pressure like Qingsong, and standing tall and upright like Qingsong. With years of industry experience in producing sulfate series products and a strong technical team and management talent, we have extensively engaged in diversified cooperation with various sectors around the world. Focusing on creating high-quality brand enterprises with professional services, talents, and products. With a production philosophy of striving for excellence, we welcome the glory of Zhanhua and take the steps to reach all over the world!

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